Drop to Sea

Today afternoon it was a drop of water, but now its a big sea.
I was on the rikhsaw to go Karwan Bazar. Its not differnet that I always go absent minded on rikhsaw. What I think, I don’t know. Always happens this.
But today’s one is little bit different. Why? Thats the story of drop to sea.

A idea to publish a PDF magazine came into my mind. I thought, how it will be if we start. It should be good to do this. I decided to discuss this with others. Thats it. I turned to another thought.

At night, while talking to Arafat vy, I told him this idea for first time. He appreciated. Then Hasin vy came online and I arranged a conference. Hearing this, we became excited. The ball started rolling. We have discussed many ideas and we fixed it will be in Bangla to promote Bangla IT. Then we agreed, we need more hands. Instantly hasin vy invited 5 more gurus. The ball now jumping.
More 3 members joined. Now the members are:
Lutfar Rahman Nirjhar,
Omi Azad,
Ashabul Yeameen,
NHM Tanveer Hasan,
Sharif Abdullah,
Samiha Esha,
Ashraful Anam,
Opu Rahman,
Hasin Hayder,
S. M. Ibrahim (Lavlu)

The team is now a great team with gurus of all sectors. I missed some texts of conference as I disconnected at middle of conference.

Lets see how long we can go. Hasin vy will create project management tools and assign jobs. Then the work will be started at full speed. We still did not select the name. We have to do this too.

Good luck.