Dream comes true

My father and brother came to Rajshahi yesterday to see me. Today early in the morning, while padding my cycle 😀 and going to hotel to meet my father and brother and see them off, I was thinking, that this Caretaker Govt. is not fully operational. They are not really trying to remove corruptions. Because, they are not arresting the supreme leaders of corruption. Hasina, Khaleda, Nijami, Erashad etc. are the leaders. Most of the leaders (better to say almost all) are corrupted and related to corruptions directly and/or indirectly. Without their tolerance, the whole team could not do such crimes. So they should also be arrested and legal action should be taken again to them too. If the root of the grass is not pulled out, the grass will grow again.

After reaching to Hotel, my brother informed me that Sheik Hasina is arrested. Hurray 😀 . Great work. I was really happy to hear the news. But still some incompleteness as at least Khaleda Zia should be arrested too. Sheik Hasina’s recent speeches (though as usual) proves how mean minded she is!!! Huh! its really my bad luck to see the great man’s such a low quality daughter. In her works, her speech, her behaviors I never seen the status and personality which she should possess as the daughter of Bangobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and also as the supreme leader of a antic political party.

Anyway, many thanks to the Govt. and I am still waiting to see the arrest of other political supreme leaders and I will be a proud citizen when I will see that they are punished legally.

But still I am sorry to see that the lawyers are still supporting a particular party. So, how a fair judgment can come out from them 🙁 . really another badluck.