Dimensionservers.com – An Honest Host

I think, I should have written this review long ago. But I forgot to write.

I was testing different web hosting companies since I am related in this area. I have found many in my white list and many in my blacklist.

Here is another good web hosting company. But the ‘good’ may differ from person to person. In this case, to me good his honesty.

I have bought a reseller hosting from http://www.dimensionservers.com/. The owner of the firm is Jonathan. He is an extremely helpful and nice guy. I was needed some extra bandwidth than his package offered. He gave me that.

He is very honest guy. I have to move away from them due to some downtime. I have hosted some of my clients’ site there. But there server experienced some downtime due to kernel update problem. I have received multiple complains as the server was down for about 1-2 hours. As the upgrade was not planned and I was not informed, I had to compensate my clients. Thats why, I have moved those accounts to my own server.

But interesting thing was that, Jonathan gave me his cell no. I have sent sms to him that the server is not responding. He came to online instantly and investigated the issue. He acknowledged the issue and was sorry for that. He even wanted to compensate me for the downtime. But I had to move away to satisfy my customers.

Again, I was subscribed to him by paypal subscription feature. Though I decided to move away, I did not have time to inform him that. So, in next month the payment was automatically went to his account from my paypal account. When I told him that I am moving, he refunded the whole money.

I strongly recommend dimensionservers.com as I believe a small downtime is not a factor for many cases. Moreover, it was an abnormal case (kernel upgrade). It will not be occurred frequently. I strongly believe, in hosting arena, finding honest host is too tough. So, give them a chance to grow and let them be honest all time.

I wish all the best for dimensionservers.com, Jonathan and his new baby :).