DBBL Introduced Internet Payments in Bangladesh

Recently, 3rd June, 2010, I have seen this news on Prothom-alo that Dutch Bangla Ltd. (DBBL) has introduced Internet Payment systems in Bangladesh. Using their Internet Payment gateway people will be able to purchases services online using their Visa, Masters, DBBL Nexus and Maestro cards.  This facility will only be available to approved online merchants.

After the news, I have tried visiting their website and did not found enough information beyond a list of 4 current merchants. There were no details about the service and no technical information.

Being on the them who were eager for such a facilities in the country, I was knocking every known personnel of DBBL. None could give me details either. However, Rana Vy, from Tan Bazar branch suggested a person to contact. That person also suggested another person whose name is Rabi. Yesterday, I could connect to Mr. Rabi and got some basic information about this service.

Currently DBBL is giving this service to exclusively selected merchants. If you have an online service where you take payment, DBBL may consider you. You need to contact them and send your company overview. They will decide to choose or not to choose you.

They will charge 3% for payments using DBBL cards and 5% for Visa/Master cards. This charge will be charged from the seller. The net amount will be credited to seller’s account which means, obviously, you must have account with Dutch Bangla Bank at your company name.

The system is pretty like other online gateways. Customers will be redirected to DBBL’s gateway from your checkout page and enter asked details. After they charge the card, they will send the user back to your site. Mr. Rabi said, approved merchant will have to sit with their technical team to understand the flow.

I offered him that I can develop an API client for their gateway and release it open source if they help me understand their work-flow. He said, he will think and talk to others regarding this issue.

  • How can we use our cards to purchase online? Any guideline on that?

  • The HungryCoder

    They did not provide details about it. However, it should be like PayPal or other payment gateways. You have to enter card details on the site. So far I guess, card holders will need prior approval to use online :-s.

  • hmm sounds optimistic – we really need this service and the sooner is better

  • fasttrack

    Ironically all Visa and Mastercards (other than DBBL) will currently work. We wanted DBBL cards to have an extra layer of security before launching the largest consumer card base onto e-payments. This will solve bigger upcoming headaches in terms of security and customer service (making it idiot proof).

    But development is stalled as we are in the middle of the biggest overhaul of our entire banking system (70-100 crore budget). So, for now, Nexus Gateway is really a freebie service for other banks.

    We have too many sub projects (mobile banking, chip card, gateway, atms, remittance) in the middle of the biggest upgrade. Its like driving a car while replacing the engine. All development on sub projects can start as soon as the base parameters and system is defined by this year-end.

  • I also try many time to find out about online payment gateway. Unfortunately i meet you. How can i get sufficient information. So far I understand the honorable writer for this tropics, he is expert in IT. Hello writer can you please contact me, I also thinking to establish online payment gateway in Bangladesh.

    Masud Rana

  • Nuruzzaman

    I just visited an e-commerce site http://www.chorka.com and it says that they accept DBBL Nexus… But there wasn’t enough information there…

  • Hi,
    This is Md.Shofiul Alam from SSL Wireless.We firstly introduced Online Payment Gateway “SSLCOMMERZ” with Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. at 3rd June. SSL acquired exclusive Master MSP from DBBL. If anyone have query, please you are requested to contact.

    Md.Shofiul Alam
    Sr.Manager | Business Development

  • M Ekram Hoque

    Hi there
    I am very delighted to hear that Bangladeshi people can use there online shoping by their card. Is it already going through? I am going to introduce online shoping in BD, very soon . Can Mr Shofiul alam Of sslcommerz help me how to get connected with sslcommerz for online payment service.Do I need to contact you or DBBL ?

  • Dear Mr. Ekram, this is Mahub from SSL Wireless. If you want to get the Online Payment Gateway Service please mail me mahbub@sslwireless.com. We’ll provide you the feed back to integrate with us.

  • Dear
    My client want to make a site for his business organization. He also want to taking payment by online with DBBL online gateway. Now how to i get this gateway and implementation on the web site of my client. Please give a guide line. If i will doing this then really will be it great job for our country online business.


  • Hi Ecommerce well wisher in Bangladesh,
    Your eCommerce related post are most welcome in our site. Both of learner and expert also welcome to discuss at http://www.ecommercebd.org

    eCommerce Forum of Bangladesh Team

  • Its good to see here Mr. Mahbub. Hope SSLCOMMERZ will rock the country soon.

  • does any one know how could i send the request (money transaction from customers credit card to my banks account) directly from my website to bank’s payment gateway (with php ). and guys, i only want to know the process , if any one tell me ill be v.v.much gratful. thanks

  • Tanim

    hey guys from SSL

    is it possible to create account in Paypal by DBBL account.

  • The HungryCoder

    Hey Tanim,
    It’s not possible! It’s not a problem of DBBL! PayPal does not support accounts from Bangladesh! So, problem is with country no matter which bank you are banking with!

  • Shafiq Kamal

    You can access and withdraw PayPal fund from Bangladesh although they support BD. Read here details http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1335370

    If need email me to shafiqkamal@gmail.com

  • Tanvir

    all i ever wish is when u guys are done with your overhaul work you guys come up with a ‘less hassle better performance’ system. im waiting for this for more than 3 years now and it would be a shame if we have to turn our back at you because of too many rules/regulations/requirements that make too little sense. everyone loves a system that is simple and lives up to the expectation i hope you guys are aware of that.

    cost would be another major issue for small time young entrepreneurs like us since most of us are students only making some $$ online and no i dont take a single penny from my dad when its about my business. count us out and you might miss the next big business revolution.


    Dear Sir,
    I want regiester / Login ID and password , pls reply me.i am stay in Saudi Arabia. i want transfer some amount from my account to Others bank account. Can give me guide , how i can do all of things.

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Jahangir Alam

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  • Many of us are waiting online payment gateway to materialized publicly, not in limited form, when that could be possible!

  • The HungryCoder

    Actually, SSL Wireless introduced gateway service about year ago. They process MasterCard and DBBL cards. I’ve used their service for a while and later abandoned seeing it’s to easy to fake. Even, I’ve shown them how I faked their system, and they made some improvements based on that. But getting more faults, I could not rely their services anymore and did not want to use; specially when I tried to help them pointing out their weak points, one of their developers asked me for money to solve them! lolz!

  • Hi

    I want to sell digital downloadable products from my site so that it can be purchased online paying local currency. Is there any reliable payment processor for that ?

  • The HungryCoder

    well, you’ve asked me ‘reliable payment processor’; that’s why my answer is ‘no’. there are payment processor but not reliable.

  • janarkonosheshnai

    Hi HungryCoder, can we all post comments to your site or is it restricted to a chosen few?

    Thanks and regards,

  • The HungryCoder

    I guess you are lucky to be among the ‘chosen few’ ;).

    In fact is not restricted but spam filter exists!

  • janarkonosheshnai

    Good to know that 🙂

    Can I bring your attention to http://www.shurjomukhi.com.bd/eshop/? They seem to have connectivity with both BRAC Bank and Dutch Bangla. Why would they need integration with both I wonder. Any help?

  • The HungryCoder

    well, i did not approve your comments with marketing of that site. never think that nobody understands about that! just remember, my blog is not a good place for spammers.

  • janarkonosheshnai

    Aw shucks – you got it all wrong! It’s probably because I inadvertently put that site’s url into the Website field of your form that made you think it’s a spam. I couldn’t have cared less about shurjomukhi.
    On a different note, I quite like the idea where you allow people from vendors, solution providers, banks, etc participate here in your blogspace. As web blogs on e-commerce and e-payments are so far and few between in Bangladesh, I guess you should welcome all to your website. Thanks!

  • Muktadir

    Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. is schedule bank or not. Please Ans. me

  • abul kalam azad

    I have sent 200 dollar this a/c 171.1**.13**** abdulla almamun T reference no 35**1751** HPLD-**-AM
    But money not received .pls inform me this mail .azad922@gmail.com

  • The HungryCoder

    I guess they can’t help you here. Moreover, giving account details online is not something good. I am removing some texts for your privacy.

    I think its better if you contact their call centre or the respective branch.

  • Can the Internet Payment systems be used internationally?

  • Ishtiak

    Hungry Coder
    Any Update from DBBL
    Have You Maded the API…

  • hi ! remit_to_india@
    dbbl nexus/brac bank can receive the international payments.

  • Mahbub from sslcommerz ! can u response ths guy ?

  • Ke bolbo bujte parse na. Paypal na thakay kubi jotilota sreste hosse. E-commerce solution kevabe pabo. Janale upokar hobe.

  • Good information, at least something rather than nothing. But i heard that sometime DBBL charges wrong amount while shopping online, you know anything about that ?

  • The HungryCoder

    sorry, i’m not aware of that. i’m so upset about the online gateways of our country that i’ve abandoned using those.

  • I have read the topic and the valuable comments also. Thank you all, I have got a basic information and what people thinking about this service.

    Tomorrow I have an Appointment with Mr. Md. Rabiul Alam about “Online Payment Gateway” and soon my Company going to introduce it hope.

    Thank you all of you.

  • Muhammad Ikramullah Sayeed

    Solid Trust Pay is an on line payment system.Is it okay to use in Bangladesh for giving online payment , also for receiving on line payment!
    I badly need the info.

  • Ahsan Habib

    How can use to alert pay?

  • Md. Morshedul Haque

    Never provide your answer superficially. Don’t say I guess or something like this………… know first and then provide solution to others. don’t misguide people.
    No prior approval is needed for debit card………

  • The HungryCoder

    your advices are longer than your information. that’s funny but thanks.

    that was educated guess because earlier people needed prior approval for using CC online and DBBL also required (as per their statement) prior approval for account to account transfer using their internet banking.

    after all, the comment is published two years back.

  • Sabuj Mondal

    How can I get money from Alert Pay account to My DBBL account. Is it possible?

  • Is there any progress for the DBBL payment gateway API ?

  • TheHungryCoder


  • Syed Sirajul Islam

    What’s the progress till now? how can we get the API?

  • SH Tusher

    Dear sir,

    in a few days i can’t transfer some amount My Salary A/C to Other A/C

    in ATM. ATM Say Invalid Card.

    is it possible to transfer some amount Salary A/C to Mobile Banking A/C?

    if yeas please mail me in details how.!

    I also want to link up my salary A/C to Mobile Banking A/C

    My info:

    A/C No: 147.103.124350

    Card No: 147.301420

    Mobile Banking A/C No:01571701732

  • Atiqul Islam

    Exactly i am looking for this information. i need a payment gateway to receiving payments from my international customer. i need much information but not sure where and whom to contact. i talked with several person in my nearest branch but they don’t know much. also i tried DBBL hotline they are similar with others.

  • Toputj Topu

    nexcuspay app ta install korsi,bt send money korte gele rocket account a.. otp chi,ata ki korbo??