DBBL Introduced Internet Payments in Bangladesh

Recently, 3rd June, 2010, I have seen this news on Prothom-alo that Dutch Bangla Ltd. (DBBL) has introduced Internet Payment systems in Bangladesh. Using their Internet Payment gateway people will be able to purchases services online using their Visa, Masters, DBBL Nexus and Maestro cards.  This facility will only be available to approved online merchants.

After the news, I have tried visiting their website and did not found enough information beyond a list of 4 current merchants. There were no details about the service and no technical information.

Being on the them who were eager for such a facilities in the country, I was knocking every known personnel of DBBL. None could give me details either. However, Rana Vy, from Tan Bazar branch suggested a person to contact. That person also suggested another person whose name is Rabi. Yesterday, I could connect to Mr. Rabi and got some basic information about this service.

Currently DBBL is giving this service to exclusively selected merchants. If you have an online service where you take payment, DBBL may consider you. You need to contact them and send your company overview. They will decide to choose or not to choose you.

They will charge 3% for payments using DBBL cards and 5% for Visa/Master cards. This charge will be charged from the seller. The net amount will be credited to seller’s account which means, obviously, you must have account with Dutch Bangla Bank at your company name.

The system is pretty like other online gateways. Customers will be redirected to DBBL’s gateway from your checkout page and enter asked details. After they charge the card, they will send the user back to your site. Mr. Rabi said, approved merchant will have to sit with their technical team to understand the flow.

I offered him that I can develop an API client for their gateway and release it open source if they help me understand their work-flow. He said, he will think and talk to others regarding this issue.