cPanel Subdomains Creator

Today, I have created another class for creating subdomains in cPanel account. This class will be very helpful who wants to provide auto subdomain creations for their users. User will ask to enter desired subdomain. The script will either create it or will inform that it is already exists.

To use this class, open example.php in the attachment and change this line to suite your environmnet

Upload the script to your website and run example.php. Hope it should work fine.

  • Mostafa

    hello dear friend
    I’m from
    hello dear friend
    I’m from persia
    this class really is very helpful and good.i nead this to make a blogging system.
    very thanks and good luck!

  • Mostafa

    oh! I have a question : “how
    oh! I have a question : “how i can do domain parking automaticaly like this calss?”
    please send me answer of this question by email or just send me link of answer
    with best regard!

  • Great work!
    Thanks a lot for
    Great work!

    Thanks a lot for this class, works like a charm!

  • I’m having trouble
    I’m having trouble installing it xD Help!

  • Satish

    Where is the class file ? from where i will download .Help me

  • Joe

    Where do you download..?

  • admin