Are we signing on blank paper with Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. (DBBL)?

Today I tried to open a Term Deposit with Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. (DBBL) using their internet banking interface. In a previous post, I have told how inconveniences occurred while getting my Internet Banking account activated. Anyway, to discuss about the point, I have logged into the internet banking system using my ID and Password. After clicking the link ‘Open Deposit‘ from ‘Term Deposits‘ section, I have seen a form to select deposit type and other info. I have entered the required fields. Finally I click ‘Open Deposit’ link/button to submit the request. But it showed me an alert that I must agree with ‘the terms and conditions.

Ok thats usual. I missed that part during filling up. So now clicked the link to read the terms and conditions. But waiting a while, I have awarded a blank page. I thought my connection problem. So closed the window and click the link again. I have tried 3-4 times. But I was getting fully blank page. While all other websites were coming smoothly. I have even tried after a while. But same problem.

So what is the conclusion? I have to open a deposit while agreeing with a blank sheet. Oh My GOD, the old days back in banking sector. I wish to complain to their support. But yeah, they don’t have any online support system. At beginning with them, once I have mailed them to their given email address on website and I did not get any response. So, I thought it is just was of time to communicate wit them. It’s better to try to get attention of Bangladesh Bank  (BB) regarding this issue.

However, they (BB) have another big problem. They don’t support attachment in their online complain area. Thats why I can’t provide proof pages. So, I created this post and send them the link of it as a proof of DBBL faults/mistakes. dbbl tos

dbbl tos