Adda with Projanmo Community

Yesterday we, the projanmo forum community, again meet at BUET campus. Few members requested for such as they missed the last adda. Few members of Dhaka joined there. Still few members missed for their personal business. But they dont know what they missed!! 🙁

We have passed about 4 hours altogether at BUET Central Cafetaria with Food, drings, laughter.

Personally I believe, I did not have such moments in recent years. It was far interesting then last get-together. Actually during last get-together we came closer. Thats why we could enjoy closely in this session.

Here is 2 snaps of our Adda/Get-togher whatever you say.

Plz click here for more photos

Then we all went to Hall of Manchu & Bipro, the members & moderators of Projanmo Forum; They also host of yesterday’s program :cool:. We have passed some times there too. Then at about 10pm we quited our adda and returned to home.