300 posts on my blog – not a very small number

Confuscius said “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop”. Interesting is that I learned about this quote just few minutes ago and when I knew about it, I thought slowly (without stopping) I have published 300 blog entries on this blog.

A few days ago, when I published my latest blog How I have solved the “The plugin generated xxxx characters of unexpected output during activation problem…” I did not notice that it was my 300th published post on this blog. I noticed it later and tweeted about it. Few friends also responded me with congrats. Thanks to all of them.

Today after reading the quote of the Confucius, I thought it is worthy to write a blog about my 300th blog post. Why? What’s the specialty of 300? Nothing special. 300 is 3×100 :P. However, 300 is a favorite number of me after I enjoyed the movie 300 and also its parody Meet the spartan.

My first post was Welcome. However, so far I remember, that time the blog was on Drupal CMS. Later I have been converted to WordPress and now I feel what a good decision I have taken that time :).

As my tagline says ‘…for beginners’ I mainly write technical issues targeting the beginner users as I have seen the number if most in this category. Moreover, I am not that expert to write for the expert. In the life of this blog, I have tried to write every small issues I faced during working with different things specially about PHP, WordPress, Linux etc. Who knows more than me that sometime a overlooked minor issue eventually causes hair pulling. Moreover, many people does not write on internet thinking it is small issue which requires all others to redo the trial and error for solving! So I believe every piece of writing is worthy to, at least, someone. After this, I never thought if the topic is going to serve a huge number of people or not! If my note serves a single person after me, my writing finds a success.

I believe I will continue writing this way as long as Allah keeps me able to write.

  • Sarim Khan

    GOOD GOOD, keep going man. And dont forget to post link to twitter when wrote a new post.
    and I love your theme bcz of simplicity , and so i visit your site with pleasure.
    Good luck brother.

  • The HungryCoder

    Thanks for reading. Yes, link is already in twitter. Feedburner does it on behalf of me :).

  • Congratulation! This congrats is for 300 posts!
    We will wait for that time when it will be for 3000 posts 😉

    My blog is also reaching 50 posts very soon. 😀

  • congratz!

    But most of my comments go to spam.

  • Hey, I can’t view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

  • lolz…
    hmm…another thing i remembered after viewing Arafat brother’s comment. 🙂

    how much spam comment you have in your blog after you reached 300 posts ? 😉

  • The HungryCoder

    Thanks to Araft, Fahim, Masnun for reading and interacting on my blog. You are the most frequent reader of my blogs :).

    Same API Key is shared with some other blogs. So I can’t say total number of spams in this blog. But may be 1000+!

  • what ? only 1000+ ? 😮
    my blog is going to reach 10,000 and currently it is 9,171 in only 9 months! how is it possible ???