WHM Book

Managing a remote web server is never an easy game. I know many people who are not familiar with non-windows operating systems hence don’t wanna buy dedicated server as it takes much time to learn and managing server is bogey job for many. But now I believe the book titled “Web Host Manager” by Aric Pedersen should be the greatest gift of 2007 (as I reviewed it this year). I think anyone can easily manage his own web server using WHM within a few weeks after thoroughly reading this book. The book described each and every features of WHM including installing it on a fresh server or tweaking it on a ready server. The book also described about different issues of security and ways to resolve those.

The author did not stop writing these. He nicely explained how to prepare it for paid customers and the more interesting is that he also told various ways to attract more customers to your new server; even how to deal with unethical users using server monitoring tools.

The book has discussions on how to customize customer’s-end control panel (CPanel) & impress them and how to get various assistance during disaster.

The one thing I missed in this book is Troubleshooting. If there was a separate chapter for common problems with WHM, then this book would be a great reference.

If anybody is experienced with WHM Reseller, he/she may get this book worth for running & tunning up his own dedicated server.

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