cPanel User Guide & Tutorial

cPanel BookI am using cPanel for more about 4 years. I wonder, how many features I did not know about until I read the book cPanel User Guide and Tutorial written by Aric Pedersen, working as System Administrator for and several other companies.

The author has described each and every feature of cPanel. The first chapter covers the fundamentals & tips of selecting a good hosting company, very much important for fresher to website hosting.

The book thoroughly discussed how to manage FTPs, Files, Subdomains, Addon/Parking domains, Emails, Website Statistics, Backup/Restore Data, Script Installations using Fantastico.

The book has a different chapter to discuss about security issues. And another separate chapter for Server Admin for using Third-Party Addons.

The lucid expression of book, and the screen shot based discussion of each feature, will definitely entertain the reader. I am giving it 5 points out of 5 😎 .

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