cPanel Email Management

Ahh! Thanks Allmighty. At last I have finished the 1st version of cPanel Email Management Script. From three days I am working on it. Though today, I mistakenly deleted two core files 🙁 . So I had to start over.
Using this scripts anyone can give free email service to his visitors. Users can auto signup and manage their accounts. Admin also have some controls. The features are:

  • Users can registers themselves without intervention of site Admin
  • Admin can specify the quota for accounts
  • It can check whether the email address is already taken or not
  • Auto welcome mail to the new account
  • Auto notification to site admin
  • User can change their password
  • User can recover their password using Alternate email address
  • Admin can see all accounts
  • Admin can change password of any account from admin panel
  • Admin can change quota of any specific account
  • Admin can Lock/Unlock account (Locked accounts are red marked in Admin Panel)
  • Admin delete any account
  • You can easily customize/modify the source code to suit your need.
  • Separate Language File. You can now translate it to your own language. New
  • Captcha for preventing bots. New

I have made this script with cPanel 11 but I believe it will work with all other version with no or slight modification.

Other Requirements:

  1. PHP5 (Version 3x is only tested on PHP5)
  2. MySQL 4
  3. Zend Optimizer
  4. Mail Account Creation ability in cPanel.
  5. GD2

Live Demo:
. Admin Demo:

Please contact to thehungrycoder(at)gmail(dot)com to order this script.  Please contact for a special price.

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