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Ahh! Thanks Allmighty. At last I have finished the 1st version of cPanel Email Management Script. From three days I am working on it. Though today, I mistakenly deleted two core files 🙁 . So I had to start over.
Using this scripts anyone can give free email service to his visitors. Users can auto signup and manage their accounts. Admin also have some controls. The features are:

  • Users can registers themselves without intervention of site Admin
  • Admin can specify the quota for accounts
  • It can check whether the email address is already taken or not
  • Auto welcome mail to the new account
  • Auto notification to site admin
  • User can change their password
  • User can recover their password using Alternate email address
  • Admin can see all accounts
  • Admin can change password of any account from admin panel
  • Admin can change quota of any specific account
  • Admin can Lock/Unlock account (Locked accounts are red marked in Admin Panel)
  • Admin delete any account
  • You can easily customize/modify the source code to suit your need.
  • Separate Language File. You can now translate it to your own language. New
  • Captcha for preventing bots. New

I have made this script with cPanel 11 but I believe it will work with all other version with no or slight modification.

Other Requirements:

  1. PHP5 (Version 3x is only tested on PHP5)
  2. MySQL 4
  3. Zend Optimizer
  4. Mail Account Creation ability in cPanel.
  5. GD2

Live Demo:
. Admin Demo:

Please contact to thehungrycoder(at)gmail(dot)com to order this script.  Please contact for a special price.

To pay me follow this link:

  • good job coder
    good job coder

  • hungrycoder

    Now I am working with the
    Now I am working with the version 3x of this script. Adding ajax support including asynchronous name availability checking.

  • hungrycoder

    Version 3.0 is now
    Version 3.0 is now available. Demo is available in the demo site (

    Change Log:
    1. Ajax Support (But the script will work without Javascript too).
    2. Name availability check before registration
    3. Error reporting: Error display is minimized. Rather, admin will receive error notification via email with info to track the Error.
    4. CSS added
    5. PHP5 Compatible
    6. Some other minor update and bug fixes

  • Nice work bro…. thumbs
    Nice work bro…. thumbs up!! (y)


  • Rakesh Jain

    i want to purchase this
    i want to purchase this script, but i want to some more features add in this script like incoming and outgoing email count of every email account.
    mail me detail :

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    This can definitely be a great addition to the current cPanel which I think has potential.

  • Bubbila

    Sweet resource, just what I
    Sweet resource, just what I have been looking for.

  • Website Design

    Looks like this could be
    Looks like this could be very useful, good job! How long has it actually been “live”? ~Roy

  • Very informative for me.
    Very informative for me. Thanks a lot.

  • Anonymous

    I like it
    I would like

    I like it

    I would like to integrate this with Joomla 1.015, AEC Subscription Manager ( & RoundCube….

    Im sure you could just add the script in a module in joomla….. but will need some additional options in the administrator panel:

    Eg… offer different free/paid options with different mailbox sizes….

    option to upgrade from free to paid account (or increase the size of active free accounts after X days?)

    add a tagline to free accounts…………

    user option to set default spam assasin level?

    auto delete unused accounts after X days?

    send auto e-mail to account when inbox limit is reached?

    send auto e-mail Y days before unused accounts expire?

    option to limit amount of e-mail accounts per user?

    some countries require by law more personal details…. ie full names/ address & contact details…..

    I’m really interested in this module and would like your thoughts on this???

    I am prepared to pay for some of this development and I’m sure it will enhance the value of this script?

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  • hungrycoder

    hello Renier,
    Thanks for
    hello Renier,
    Thanks for your interest on this script. In fact, first time I am seeing such requirements. Also I think, all of these requirements can not be obtained. Suppose, you can not know the last access days of an email account using cPanel. So, you can not do it using this script too. This scripts is fully dependent on cPanel.

    And I think, I will not be able to compensate the time and labor by coding so many things.

    anyway, I heartily greet you for giving such suggestions.

  • prefabrik yapi

    Thank you for info.
    Thank you for info.

  • Very useful information for
    Very useful information for me.

  • hey that’s cool, was looking
    hey that’s cool, was looking into writing something like this myself, why re-invent the wheel when it’s already there.

    appriciate it,


  • Thanks for the great
    Thanks for the great information, it was very helpful.

  • Very nice, I use this script
    Very nice, I use this script on a couple of my web sites and it saves me a lot of time and work. Great job man.

  • Excellent work. Thanks for
    Excellent work. Thanks for the information.

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    Buy the way Great
    I agree

    Buy the way Great site.

    Keep up the good work!

  • cvh

    Will you create a script
    Will you create a script for me.

    I will pay for it by paypal.
    Please answer

  • theungrycoder

    can u please tell me
    can u please tell me details? please contact me to thehungrycoder(at)gmail(dot)com.


  • Great now I wish I could
    Great now I wish I could find a way to block all the SPAM that has suddenly started coming to my cpanel mailbox. Has anyone else been having a problem with this? GRR!

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  • Nice work.
    Nice work.

  • Today I made another improvement. Now, the admin can lock any account from the Admin Panel. After that the user can’t check open his mailbox until again unlocked by Admin.

    In the account lists, the locked account will be red marked so that admin can easily identify those accounts 😀

  • Looks like this could be very useful, good job! How long has it actually been “live”? ~Roy

  • My congratulations, you have done big work and it will be useful for me. I have noticed these new ones, they are very important.

  • Alidad

    hi, i like to order this creating email account with log into cp, can you please let me know where i can place order!


  • JimW

    Hi – tried emailing you, don’t know if your gmail address is still active?

    Like the program, would like more details / pricing. Please contact me.


  • Luca

    I can get this script??