cPanel Bug

I am a regular user of WHM & cPanel. Recently I found a bug in cPanel Release Build 20683 which is now running in three of our servers.

You login to WHM. Then Click List Accounts. Your hosted domains will be listed. You should noticed that there is an quick password and email changer from some recent builds. To change password and/or contact address of any domain, there is + following by the domain name. Now you click on the + icon for a domain. You will see the password of that domain is shown in the contact address box.

You will discover the same problem if you login to cPanel for first time with RVSkin theme. This will (I have found with RVBlue) ask you to enter your email address as soon as you login to cPanel. In the contact address box, your password will be shown.

Other information:

  • This is not found for all domain. So, I though my browser (Flock) has saved my password and showing it in wrong place. But I tested with Internet Explorer 6, from where I never enter into my WHM.
  • Most probably this is RVSkin related problem. It is found few days later of installing RVSkin theme. I would be sure, if the bug was found only in cPanel but it is found in WHM too where WHM X theme is using.
  • My automatic cPanel update is enabled to Release Tree. In another server, it is set to Current Tree. But same problem found there too.
  • Now I am running upgrade of cPanel manually. Let see if it is solved or not.
  • Anonymous

    Same problem here with

    Same problem here with same current version we use rvskin as well, did you find something?


  • There is no way RVSkin will
    There is no way RVSkin will cause this issue in WHM. It is cPanel bug. I guess the problem on < ?cp CustInfo::displaycontactinfo(...) ?> which use in both X3 and RVSkin. But X3 doesn’t have full page contact alert. The issue might not explicitly visible. As WHM is a closed source, I guess it use the same syntax to get the user email in WHM.

  • hungrycoder

    hello Manunphol, I think you
    hello Manunphol, I think you are right about WHM issue. Bcoz, there was no effect of RVSkin. But I was thinking about cPanel. So, did cPanel solve yet?

  • Hi,
    Few days earlier a found your blog for sms sending through internet. Very helpful for me. Thank’s for that article.
    As i am reading this article i guess you might be the right person to ask a question and is that ” is it possible to use source code in different cpanel ? I mean i store a code library in a cpanel and want to use that code library from another cpanel ( for another domain ).” I am not a good programmer and if i found a solution for that it will save a lots of web space of mine. Thanks for reading.

  • The HungryCoder

    i guess that can be possible if you build the module/plugin on WHM. but the easiest may be building a plugin and install it on each installations. if you can share your ideas that you want to achieve, probably, me or someone else can give you some more ideas about its implementations.

    thanks and it’s nice to know that my blogs helped you.