cPanel Bug

I am a regular user of WHM & cPanel. Recently I found a bug in cPanel Release Build 20683 which is now running in three of our servers.

You login to WHM. Then Click List Accounts. Your hosted domains will be listed. You should noticed that there is an quick password and email changer from some recent builds. To change password and/or contact address of any domain, there is + following by the domain name. Now you click on the + icon for a domain. You will see the password of that domain is shown in the contact address box.

You will discover the same problem if you login to cPanel for first time with RVSkin theme. This will (I have found with RVBlue) ask you to enter your email address as soon as you login to cPanel. In the contact address box, your password will be shown.

Other information:

  • This is not found for all domain. So, I though my browser (Flock) has saved my password and showing it in wrong place. But I tested with Internet Explorer 6, from where I never enter into my WHM.
  • Most probably this is RVSkin related problem. It is found few days later of installing RVSkin theme. I would be sure, if the bug was found only in cPanel but it is found in WHM too where WHM X theme is using.
  • My automatic cPanel update is enabled to Release Tree. In another server, it is set to Current Tree. But same problem found there too.
  • Now I am running upgrade of cPanel manually. Let see if it is solved or not.