Cover letter

I’m a generalist software engineer with core competency in taking things from end to end. In my journey with software engineering, there weren’t many times that I failed in that. However, many times that meant I had to work extra-hard, after-hours, day-night, food-less (hungrycoder name derived from such instances where I’m extremely hungry but too busy solving the problem 🙂 ) etc. and did not rest until I solved it. I’m planning to continue doing so for foreseeable future.

Welcome to my blog. I know you’re thinking this seems like a canned cover letter! Let me confirm, it is! And that’s for a reason.

The reason is, unless I’ve applied via someone works in the company, I just have some basic external view about your company. So I can’t really explain why I want to work there. Because I still don’t know. I consider interviews are two-way communication and that’s where both parties will gauge their mutual fitness. However, I’ve applied to your company based on initial impressions that I’ve gotten from the websites, job posting.

In cover letter, I could tell you why I would be good fit. But you’ve my resume is for that.

Let me set clear expectations, if you interview me, I might not successfully answer all of your questions nor say the keywords you’re expecting me to say but I want to assure you only one thing, if there are enormous things to learn for successfully doing the job that I’ve committed to, I won’t be hesitant (Unless deterred by time, scope, budget and/or other organization things).

Thank You