2013 RubyConf Bangladesh

I was presenting in 2013 RubyConf  Bangladesh event

I was presenting in 2013 RubyConf Bangladesh event

Well, finally the moment came. RubyConf Bangladesh finally happened at the BASIS Auditorium. The whole day was fun.

The event was scheduled at 11am. However, audience started arriving from 9am. We’ve been thrilled to see the enthusiasm among the audience. The event started 5 mins later than scheduled.

Initially Fayaz Taher, from BDTech Social, welcomed everyone to the conference and invited Fazle Taher, from Infra Blue Technologies, to present his Keynote. After the keynote, there was a interesting Ice Breaking session. In that session, audience are encouraged to meet and network with new people, exchange business cards/contact details. At the end of that session, a pop question asked to audience to name of 5 new people they just met. S M Rasel (from NewsCred Inc) won that prize. He is my co-worker and he proved what he always used to say (he used to see he “can remember names using some techniques”).

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MongoDB Workshop

Today I’ve participated in a workshop titled Build a Cloud With Dev Stack and Build an Application with MongoDB held in Daffodil University. I was excited about the workshop as these type of workshops are not very common in our country. It’s good to see such events are started to happen.

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Seminar on ‘Building Tech Careers’ at DUET

Today I have participated in a seminar arranged by phpExperts and CSE Department, DUET. The journey to DUET was fun! I came with Hasan vy who picked me up from Mohakhali. Then we all (hasin hayder, omi azad, arild) at Jasim Uddin! Then we had a mini race to come faster but Hasan vy was not willing to risk fuel sufficiency. So he entered a CNG refueling station and as a result he fallen back :D.

However, we all reached safely and the session started in time. The seminar covered the following session:

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Meditation Course from Quantum Foundation

I have a very very long plan to attend the meditation course offered by Quantum Foundation. From the 2nd year of my university life, I was planning to take the course. But I could not attend as my willingness, time and abilities did not match.

However, at the 2nd week of April, 2010, I have decided firmly that I must attend the upcoming course on April 16-19, 2010. It is because, from May, 2010 it will be totally uncertain where I will stay. I have so firm on my decision that I have even canceled the trip to Birishiri, Netrokona with my photography team.

On 12th April, I contacted Rabbit to book a seat for me. It seemed he was excited by hearing my decision :). Then I meet him at Charukola, DU on 14th April and paid the course fee. On 16th May I wake up early (very hard for me indeed ;)) and headed for Marriot Convention Centre. I reached there ahead of time and contacted Rabbit who helped me managing my workshop ID.

The first day was not nothing new at all, as I almost habituated with those of meditation and was practicing at home from long ago. But I was in some physical trouble which continued to 2nd day too. I was enjoying the lectures by Guruji Mohajatak Shahid Al Bokhari!

The third and forth day was more enjoying as I could realize my inner strengths.

Finally, I became Quantum Graduate and got certificates and ID card.

At late evening, another meeting was scheduled earlier by Guruji to meet all quantum members who are in the IT industry, specially web development sector. We all gathered in the “Proshanti Hall” of Quantum Meditation at Shantinagar! Interesting to know that we almost all were known to each other :).

Workshops on Photography – PhotoJAMM – April 2010 organized by PhographyBD

Today I had passed a busy day. At 9.00 am I headed for Dhaka University campus. However, I had to walk most of the path 🙁 as the traffic system disallowed vehicles to the spot for comfortable movements of huge huge crowd. I became lazy and took a few shots only as it was too crowded for photography!

Afternoon, at 3.00pm,  I headed to Elephant Road for the Workshop on Photography. It started at huge late. But when it started, it was getting awesome every moments.

Basically, I was the only novice there. All others were advanced photographers. However, they were so friendly and helpful. The main topic was on Depth of Field. Earlier this workshop, I have read many articles, tutorials, blogs on Depth of Field but I could never take it inside of my brain. However, today’s one was exceptional. I believe now I am very confident about Depth of Field of Photography. I made some questions fearing they will treat me as jerk. I wondered, they did not do that. They explained all of my questions in very friendly manner.

The second session of the workshop was about Criticism of photos. A few of us brought photos that were apprised and criticized as per their merit. I can’t believe any criticism can be such friendly and detail!

I have also brought 3 photos. Experts has given their comments, advices and suggestions on my photos that will help me taking better snaps and in post shots processing.

The 3rd session was general questions and answers. Anyone can ask anything regarding photography.

I am very excited that such workshops are going to be arranged biweekly. It means, more great learnings on coming days!

Attended Tech Seminar “Web & Software Industry Opportunities – Beyond 2010”

Last evening, I have attended a seminar titled “Tech Seminar : Web & Software Industry Opportunities – Beyond 2010” arranged by Blueliner Bangladesh,  hosted by CSE Department, BRAC University.

The seminar covered 4 sessions. Those were:

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