Solution for “M2M authentication error – password invalid (code: 823)” error in OpenX

If you receive the error “M2M authentication error – password invalid (code: 823)” in your installation of OpenX, you can solve it quite easily.

Suppose, your OpenX is installed at:

then call the following link:

Once your platform hash is re-generated, you should not see the error message again.

Purchased a new Modem….Anik modem is dead :(.

Today I have purchased a new EDGE Modem for internet access as my previous modem died yesterday. The new modem’s brand is Histon. My old one was Anik modem. Today morning I visited Anik’s head office and showed my non-functioning modem. After a few minutes of testing, they said it is dead. But I it seemed to me that they could solve it as almost same problem occurred  one year back. That was within guarantee period. That time, they said “it is a small problem. My engineer is not available otherwise he/she could fix it momentarily. Then they have given me a replace. But not new one; they gave one old/used modem. I asked “why old one?”. A man replied “Should we give a new modem for a small problem?”. Then he replied the above line. Now the modem’s warranty period is expired so they don’t care it anymore.

I am not sure about the quality of Histon modem. But it takes longer to initialize and to become accessible than that of Anik’s modem. Don’t see any significant changes in browsing or downloading. Same freak about connection speed. What does it mean?

he he. Yes, Anik’s modem always been connected at 460kbps but it could never cross 228kbps. This modem shows 384kbps on its package and other places. But it connects at 460kbps. So don’t they know their modem’s connection speed? Why they put low on label? Very opaque.

Anyway, lets see how much it serves me. The worse thing is that this modem also does not work in Linux :(.

MySQL starting failed!

Today one of my junior friend asked me to help with his new VPS. He was in trouble that his mysql server was not starting up. After logging in the server, I saw the problem. It was showing:

Timeout error occurred trying to start MySQL Daemon.
Starting MySQL:                                            [FAILED]

I tried many ways. But none worked. Later, thought, I can rebuild the VPS as it is new VPS.

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Two Pitfalls of Windows Hibernation

Recently I am have been facing two common problems by using Windows Hibernation feature. When Windows XP came to the market, I was excited to see this feature. It was really helpful for me. But now a days, I have to use it more frequently than ever.

First pitfall:
I am working with so many (5-10 programs) at a time. Browsing opening more than 10 websites (in firefox). All of a sudden electricity goes! I wanted to Hibernate the PC keeping as it as. I have some text pending to post in forum, or even I have unsaved document in Word, unsaved graphics works in Photoshop etc. But later, I went out for some reason. Someone in my home open the computer and the computer is restored from the hibernate session. Since my computer is shared, my account is locked with password. The person now opening in front of computer, logins to his account using his own username & password. After completing his/her tasks, he/she now shut downs the computer. Windows will just give an alert that some other people is logged in to the computer. But its about 90% sure that the person will proceed to shutdown ignoring the message and I LOST EVERYTHING. Continue reading →

Jquery & Javascript Tools Conflict

Yesterday, I have installed Javascript Tools 5x module in Drupal. After that I failed to upload files. I tried about an hour with many alternatives. Finally after disabling Javascript Tools, file uploading was ok again.

So far I know, Drupal upload files using jquery. so most probably jquery & javascript conflict with each other.


MySQL problem

Today, I have to waste a long time with new server. Last night my internet connection disconnected while cPanel was installing in the server. Later I have seen that everything running fine except mysql. It is showing some error like:

Warning, no valid mysql.sock file found.mysql has failed

searching many tutorials, forums after 2/3 hours later I found the following post. Continue reading →

6 minutes plz…

I have to refresh my OS periodically usually each month or two. It took much bothering. OS installation would take about 30 minutes. Then I have to install other softwares which took at least 2 hours and many restarts.

The software I have to install usually:

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Unstable IE7

From few days, I am using IE7. Oh, what a bullshit. It is not stable. There may be many bugs in the software. Though I liked its interface very much, specially for thumbnail, tabbed browsing and more area of web pages, but these days, it goes freeze and freeze. I am using Mozilla Firefox.