When disaster gives peace!

Today around 3.55PM, a few members of Projanmo Forum poked me on messenger. However, I was too much busy that I could not reply! When a minute later, Jobaer Shuman, another adminstrator of Projanmo Forum called me, two users are poking on IM. I was sure something happened with Projanmo! I entered its address on browser and then received his call. The page loaded and he said the news at a time that projanmo, (including some other of its subdomain) is hacked. Continue reading →

Are we ready with Internet Payment systems in Bangladesh?

On 8th June 2010, I have written a blog about the Introduction of Internet Payment in Bangladesh by Dutch Bangla Bank. On 3rd June 2010, they have introduced Internet Payments system in Bangladesh through their gateway where they could process Nexus, Visa and Master Cards. Along with international cards they could process cards those are valid only in Bangladesh. That was a great lift for our e-commerce.

However, as DBBL changes engine while they run, they are possibly unable to attract the market. As a result, 2 days ago Brac Bank also introduced  internet payment and they also saying they are first time in country. What a fun even in front of governor who also endorse same! Continue reading →

কিউবি ওয়াইম‍্যাক্সের সাথে ৪৮ ঘন্টা

অনেক প্রতীক্ষার পর গত ৭ তারিখে অনেক কিউবি ওয়াইম‍্যাক্স এর সংযোগ পেলাম। গুলশানে গিয়েছিলাম ইউএসবি মডেম এর জন‍্য। কিন্তু দেখা গেল সেটা ম‍্যাক সাপোর্টেড না। ঝামেলায় পড়ে ভাবলাম বড় ডিভাইসটিই নেব। কিন্তু সেটি গুলশানে কোন দোকানে বড় ডিভাইসটি নাই। ইফতারীর আগে প্রায় ২ঘন্টায় গুলশান ১ থেকে বসুন্ধরায় আসলাম অন্তিকের এক পরিচিত ব‍্যক্তির কাছে। তিনি বড় ডিভাইসটি ম‍্যানেজ করে দিলেন, যদিও বাসায় এসে পরে দেখলাম সেটি পুরাতন। ফোন করলে জানাল সেটি পুরাতন নয় কিন্তু তবুও পরে পরিবর্তন করে দেবে। যাহোক, বাসায় এসে  অন্তিক ডিভাইসটি সেটাপ করে দিল। একটা চাঞ্চল‍্য ছিল মনে। অন্তিককে বিদায় দিয়েই বসে গেলাম কম্পিউটারে। আহা আহা! পেজ কি দ্রুত আসছে। স্পিডটেস্ট করে দেখলাম ০.৫ মেগাবিট পাওয়া যাচ্ছে। আর নিজেই ডাউনলোড করে দেখলাম ৫৫-৬০ পাচ্ছি। Continue reading →

Vuvuzela – The Symbol of Noise!

Vuvuzela - The symbol of Noise!

During the first match of 2010 Fifa World Cup between South Africa and Mexico, I heard some strange sound around me. The sound seemed like sound from a huge collection of bees. So I started looking around if is there any such bee swarm around our house. But, after changing the channel, the sound gone, it was from the television. I started checking all other channels and found no channel has any disturbance. So, no problem with our cable connection. Later, I told this to my elder brother to talk to cable operators as I believed it is their fault. However, on next day, after coming to my eldest brother’s house, I experienced same during football match. So, now I became sure, it is from the telecasting end! Still, I was wondering whats should it could be! The sound of crowed would never be like this. As I did not find any way to stop it, I dropped watching many matches  as the sound is really horrible.

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DBBL Introduced Internet Payments in Bangladesh

Recently, 3rd June, 2010, I have seen this news on Prothom-alo that Dutch Bangla Ltd. (DBBL) has introduced Internet Payment systems in Bangladesh. Using their Internet Payment gateway people will be able to purchases services online using their Visa, Masters, DBBL Nexus and Maestro cards.  This facility will only be available to approved online merchants.

After the news, I have tried visiting their website and did not found enough information beyond a list of 4 current merchants. There were no details about the service and no technical information. Continue reading →

Getting experienced on Web Scraping

My first scraping work was www.stock.projanmo.com where I have fetched and processed stock data from www.dsebd.org and www.biasl.net. I had to scrap them as they did not have any syndication feed. I had to process line by line. That was tedious job.

Later, I have worked with eBay product scraping for a few of my clients. In many cases, I did not need to take much trouble as they have web services. Whatever, that was most boring tasks as I am not good at Regular Expression. So, I have denied a lots of such tasks.

Recently, one of my old customer requested me to work again on scraping for collecting articles from www.articlesnatch.com and auto blog in wordpress. It also was comparatively easy as it has RSS feed for search page. But the RSS had summary of article. I had to fetch the whole article.

Yesterday, I have started a pretty big scrapping project. I also took helping hands to complete it fast. This time, I had to scrap articles from www.articlebase.com and autoblog in wordpress on some preselected schedules (wordpress’s native cron). As they don’t have any feed for search keyword/category, it is a bit complex comparing to previous one. However, as I already have gain some scraping experience, it was very easy for me. And most surprisingly, I am now getting interest on scraping :P.

“Reply to email…” most idiot feature of Facebook.com

Few days ago Facebook.com introduces a new feature “Reply to this email….”. To me this is the most stupid type feature of Facebook. Usually I get two types of email, i. when someone comments in my photo ii. when someone replies in my status.

1. Comments in my photo

Facebook sends me the comment as email and I can read it right from inbox rather than visiting the facebook. So, facilitate the conversation, Facebook now allows us to reply the comment by simply replying this email. This is the template of email

Foisal commented on a photo of you:

“some member is missing….sorry…. ;o( ”

New Feature: Reply to this email to comment on this photo.

To see the comment thread, follow the link below:

LINK TO PHOTO (Removed for Privacy)

The Facebook Team

Isn’t it a nice feature? But how do I know which photo is this? Suppose, someone asked me place of the photo like:

“Nice shot, where it is?”

Can you now tell me how you can answer without visiting the site? I don’t know which image, s/he commented on. So, I can’t reply without visiting the site and seeing the photo.

Suggestion: They should include image name and description in the photo and a thumbnail of image.

2. Comments on my status

When someone comments on my status, I also receive an email alert (as per my mail preference). But again, I don’t know on which status s/he commented. This is the template:

Sajjad Hossain commented on your status:

“Allah shohay hok!”

New Feature: Reply to this email to comment on this status.

To see the comment thread, follow the link below:

The Facebook Team

I don’t know what was my actual status and can’t comment by simply replying email.

Suggestion: Facebook should include original status in email.

Technical session on ‘Facebook Application Development’

Yesterday evening, I have participated in a technical session titled “Facebook Application Development” at BASIS SoftExpo 2010. The session was taken by legendary PHP engineer and founder of Leevio, an Social Networking RnD startup, Hasin Hayder.

During the session, the speaker has tried to elaborate the fundamental steps of facebook application development that will show the light to the novices those are interested about facebook application. He also showed ,step by step, a sample facebook application development process.

The whole session was entertaining and useful.

The presentation slide can be downloaded from his blog or directly by clicking here.

My favorite movies that I watched in 2009

The fact is the I never seen so many movies earlier. However, I believe I watched a number of great movies in this year. I am trying to recall the name of most enjoying movies that I watched in 2009. The order of names do not have any significance.  Bold names indicate most favorite.

The Shawshank Redemption
Forrest Gump
The Green Mile
The Terminal
Children of Men
The Pianist
Meet the sparatan (parody of 300)
Harton Hears a Who (animated)
Ice Age (animated)
Harry Potter (animated)
WALL E (animated)
Ratatouille (animated)
Finding Nemo (animated)
Life is beautiful
A beautiful Mind
Blood Diamond
Into the wild
City of Angels
The Reader
Miss Congeniality 1-2
Phone Booth
The Illusionist
Angels and Demons
The bridge on the river Kwai
Slumdog Millionaire
Eight Below
The Teeth
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Inglorious Basterds
Pink Panther
The Great Debaters
Freedom Writers