PunBB Twitter – Twitter Updater for PunBB Forum

This morning I got this idea to make an extension for PunBB forum engine that will update twitter status upon new posts and other activities. Few hours back I have completed it.  It may need many many improvements. But yep, its ready for testing.

Current Version: 0.8

Current features:

  1. Configurable account
  2. Update on creation of new topic
  3. Update on reply on topic
  4. Update on new registration (future)
  5. Control update types (v0.5)
  6. URL shortening using to.ly (v.06)
  7. Skip forums. Updates not posted in twitter when posted on those forums.

Do you have any other update idea? please share me. I will add that too.

Click here to see a demo!

Download here. Feedback is appreciated.

Special thanks to Lee Findlow. I have used his class for updating posting message in twitter.

WordPress Plugin :: Adult Post Marker

Hey! Here is my another wordpress plugin. Using this plugin, you can mention a post as inappropriate for non-adult and ask viewer his/her before showing the content to him. If age given age is below your Minimum Age requirement (configurable from settings page), then the viewer can’t see the content.

Moreover, a cookie is set so that persistent tries also restrict from seeing the content. Allmost everything of the plugin can be reconfigured from plugin configuration page.

This plugin is tested with WordPress 2.6.2 and 2.7


Feedback is appreciated.

Rapidshare Downloader for Linux Shell

I was searching a good rapidshare downloader (for premium account) that can be run in shell and is able to download in batch mode. Finally, just now I got a wonderful shell script for this purpose. It is damn easy to configure and use. It can even load download URLs from file or from URL. So, I just need to dump all download links in a file and feed the file to this script and it starts downloading. At first run it will make necessary configuration by asking you in 6 steps. Then you can run it to download files. I think you don’t need any help if you know how to execute a file in shell.

Just download and start using. I have started downloading by feeding it a file of 37 links. hurray!



Note: The author has uploaded the file in Rapidshare.com. I have put a mirror in my server (though I am not aware of the license though) for your convenient. So please visit the homepage and thank for for this great script.

‘waiting for network connection’ get this Pidgin problem solved!

I was facing this problem with Pidgin for a quite long time. After upgrading to Fedora 10, I see the problem is not fixed yet. So I had to look into the issue and finally found a solution.

  • Click System -> Administration -> Services
  • Choose Network Manager and click Stop and Disable
  • You can stop it from command line using
    sudo service NetworkManager stop
  • Restart Pidgin.
  • It should now connect automatically.

Stopping Network Manager will also solve the ‘no network connection’ issue that you might have been facing while Adding/Removing programs from System -> Administration -> Add/Remove Programs.


Solution of ‘Offline mode’ of firefox in Linux

I have faced this issue mostly in Fedora (both 9 & 10). When I start Firefox, it starts in offline mode. I had to manually change it to online mode (File-> Offline Mode [uncheck]). Today I became frustrated. But after searching net for a while I found some solutions. After testing all, I found the real solution.

  • Open new tab in firefox
  • type about:config
  • Click I’ll be careful, I promise
  • type networkmanager in Filter box and press Enter
  • It will show preference name below. The last column (Value) should be true. If not, double click on it. It means, you need to set toolkit.networkmanager.disable as true.

That’s it. Restart your browser. It should now start online mode.

Thanks to…

Setting multiple homepages in Firefox, Flock and IE7

All you know that we can make any site as our browser’s homepage so that the page is opened automatically when we start the browser. But what is the way when I want to like more than one page to be started along with the browser? Here is the solution.

Internet Explorer 7:
It is easiest one. Click Options from Tools menu. You will see a text box where you can put multiple homepage each in separate line.


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Yahoo! BrowserPlus™

At Last May Yahoo released a new technology titled as BrowserPlus™. According to yahoo, BrowserPlus™ will enable developers to develop desktop capable application on browser.

Most exciting is the release of BrowserPlus, a software and software distribution framework that allows device developers (desktop, mobile, etc.) to seamlessly bridge the browser programming environment (DHTML, JS) to any component they can dream up (VoIP, image manipulation, data caching, etc.).

It will be great blessing for developers. Currently there is very limited scope of integration between desktop and browser. If BrowserPlus™ really provides the claimed power.

Click here for more information is available.

WordPress filter posts in homepage…

It happened to me that I have published a post in my blog. But for some reason I don’t like it to be displayed in homepage. So I was finding a solution but end with no result.

So I have developed a quite small plugin to do serve same purpose. Installation is simple. Just activate from Plugins section of WordPress administration area after you unzip the file in plugins directory. That means the files will be inside hil directory inside plugins directory. No adjustments needed in template.

After installing the plugin, a new column Hide in Homepage will be added in the Manage Posts section. Initially you should see the cross icon. That means no post is hidden. Now if you want to hide a post, simply click on the icon. The icon will be changed to tick mark mentioning that post is hidden. If you want to unhide it, again click on the tick. Thats it.

Very simple and sexy! Isn’t it?

Download 1.0beta

Tested with 2.6 & 2.5.1 only! Bug reposts and suggestions are very much welcome :).

Surprise your friends!

Do you want to read mind of your buddy members? Or at least do want to know earlier they are going to type anything for you on the messenger? I believe, you friend will call you magician 😉 when you can it ;).

Pidgin is a fantastic Instant Messaging software. Using this software you can simultaneously login to Yahoo!, GMail, MSN, AOL and so on. Moreover, you can use multiple accounts for each. I have 3 Yahoo! ID. I stay logged on to all of them simultaneously. Now lets move to our point.

Pidgin has many plugins to use. Using its Psychic Mode plugin you can be that magician. I love it.

What it does actually?

When you have this plugin enabled, you will automatically open a chat window as soon as someone started typing something for you. For example, you friend clicked on your id from his messenger and started typing something, you will instantly get a message that your friend is writing something. Then by telling hi, you can really surprise him! Whenever I get the alert, I reply ‘Hello, what you wanna say?’. They became astonished thinking how I could know that he is writing to me. When they ask me I reply ‘I know magic’ :-).

Psychic Mode plugin is attached with the main installation of Pidgin. Just install Pidgin and enjoy!

PunBB Thread Guide!

While moderating & administering the Projanmo Forum, I have seen many times that users opening thread in wrong forum/section. For example, they are opening a software troubleshooting thread in forum’s suggestion section.

I have seen in some vBulletin based forum that when opening a new thread, user has to confirm that he is posting in the right section. So, today I have made a very small extension for PunBB 1.3x bulletin board engine which will work it out.

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