Twitter can also be a source of traffic for your site

When I started studying on SEO, I came to learn twitter does not have a good link building/back link value as it adds nofollow to all links! So, I was not concentrating on it! However, suddenly I found a site where I can get followers and experiment a few things. I have to earn points by following others and in exchange of those points, I will get followers! I did not have much time to do that! So, I purchased their  paid membership for 7 days! In seven days I got more than 700 followers and still counting! Continue reading →

আমি ইহা কি দেখিলাম…!

ইহা কি দেখিলাম?

গত কিছুদিন ধরেই সার্চ ইঞ্জিন অপটিমাইজেশন নিয়া একটু স্টাডি করছি। সাথে কিভাবে সাইটের রিভিনিউ বাড়ানো যায় সেটা নিয়েও ঘাঁটছিলাম আরকি! মূল কারণ ভালো ট্রাফিক আছে এমন কিছু সাইটের মাধ‍্যমে যদি কিছু আয় করা যায় তাহলে অন্ততঃ ব্রেক ইভেনে পৌছানো যেত! এছাড়াও ভাল কনটেন্ট বা সম্ভাবনা আছে এরকম কিছু সাইটেও কিভাবে ট্রাফিক আনা যায় সেই চেষ্টা করা। কাজটি করতে গিয়ে হঠাৎই মনে হল প্রজন্ম ফোরামকেও তো একটু অপটিমাইজ করা যেতে পারে। কারণ এখানে অনেক কনটেন্ট আছে। একটা সময় ছিল বাংলা কোন কিছু লিখে সার্চ দিলে গুগলের প্রথম পৃষ্ঠায় প্রজন্ম ফোরাম আসবেই (মোটামুটি ৮০% এর বেশি সময়)। কিন্তু এখন দিন বদলাইছে না? এখন দেশে ভুরি ভুরি বাংলা সাইট। Continue reading →

Google Wonder Wheel – your magic tool

Recently I am trying to learn website optimization for search engines (isn’t it better than saying Search Engine Optimization?). I am feeling liable to share those on my blog mainly for two reasons:

1. The experts will be able to catch my misunderstandings and advise better thing!

2. The novices (than me, if any) will get some basic idea from these sharing!

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Swords and sandals – a very popular flash game

I never thought a flash game is so popular online! Recently while doing some traffic related study I found a site which receives 60% of its search engine traffic to only one game named Swords and Sandals ! There are most than one versions of Swords and Sandals! Most interesting is that only version 2 that means Swords and Sandals 2 receives about 80% among previous 60%. I tried to play it for a while and I found it is interesting!

Google Trends

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how to promote your blog? Some easy steps….

Most probably these keywords are most common keywords that people usually search for. After searching for these, undoubtedly you will get a lots of search results. But these tips are a bit different. I have prepared this article based on my own experiences with my blog(s) rather than dumping or summarizing from other tips. So my tips may seem to both logical and illogical to you though I don’t care about that as I said, I have gained these from my experiments. This article is a combination of tips and tools that will help increasing traffic to your blog and I assume that you have created your blog using WordPress blogging engine. Continue reading →

Download OpenLD Directory Script

I have used OpenLD Directory Script for Projanmo Web site. OpenLD is really simple and cool script. But it was wonderful extension system for injecting your own code using the hook.

But the worse news is that the homepage is down for a quite long time. So we don’t get any update of this script anymore. I have seen many people were looking for it.

Today Arafat Rahman was asking me if I have any backup of this script. I searched my computer ending without positive result. Later entering my website’s account I have found a backup. So I planned to post it so that interested people can download it.

Click Here to Download OpenLD

13 Prophecies of Internet Market

Asif Anwar, one of the best recognized Internet marketing specialists in Bangladesh, has predicted several changes in 13 title of Internet Marketing. I found several prophecies extemely realistic.

The titles are:

Prophecy #1: Onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be History

Prophecy #2: Searching will become more User-friendly

Prophecy #3: More Personalized & Localized Results will Influence SEM

Prophecy #4: Natural Language Reputation Algorithm will be a Great Factor

Prophecy #5: Copying Themes will be punished by Near Duplicate Content Filter

Prophecy #6: TrustRank will be Stronger than PageRank

Prophecy #7: Online Social Media will kill Traffic from Search Engines

Prophecy #8: Handheld Devices will Rule Future Traffic

Prophecy #9: Email will be the Least Used for Personal Communication

Prophecy #10: Personal Power to Influence Purchase will Increase

Prophecy #11: Web-based Consumer Analytics will be Major Internet Marketing Process

Prophecy #12: Web Cluster and Widgets will mean Businesses for Small Companies

Prophecy #13: Future Internet Marketers will be Personal Helper

The main artile is located here.