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My last VPS review was almost negative which was about Wowvps. No worry! Now some smile! Its not a negative review. But I should have given this review first as I tested before buying from wowvps (second time).

I had a promo of zipservers for first month. So it was a great opportunity to test the server at low cost. I ordered a VPS without any delay. I got the account information. Started configuring the server and used the server about a month. I have hosted a site that have monthly 2million+ hits.

I was very happy with them as their server is excellent. Performance was fast, network speed was superb. Most probably support response time is not up to the mark. Also their mails’ format is not eye friendly.

Whatsoever, the main parts of the service were very satisfactory. You may find their server a bit expensive comparing others. But I think they deserve priority if we care about quality.

I added them up in my trust list and surely back to them in future when needed

WowVPS :: Just Weird

So I had two experience with After the both experience my single word decision is “just ignore them”.

First experience was a few months ago. I have purchased a VPS for one of my senior friends to learn WHM. They claimed that cPanel runs well on their all VPS. So after activation, getting this confirmation, I told them to order cPanel. They installed it taking a quite long time. But I could not do anything in cPanel. Even could not rebuild the apache. So, when I complain it and I told I will write about this bad experience in WHT, they offered me free RAM upgrade to 256MB.  I know cPanel does need 256MB but I don’t know why they claimed such and they installed in 128MB! So from next month, I did not renew the service with them.

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Webhostinggeeks review…

hostinggeeksIn an earlier post I have told that choosing a right host is getting complex day by day as there are enormous numbers of hosting companies worldwide. So, it is going to be harder day by day to choose a right host of expected quality at right budget. That’s why before purchasing any vps and dedicated server I do my own research. I have to do it as I have to regularly buy servers for my customers. As their budgets and requirement varies I have to do own research almost for all orders.

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Finding a hosting company…

Hosting a website is getting complex day by day. Isn’t it? Wonder why I am saying it is complex while there are thousands (may be millions) of companies providing web hosting at various price, quality, packages? Answer is the number. There are too many companies in web hosting. So it is always becomes very tough to find a right hosting company to host your site and/or application. If you don’t have your own list of good hosts, you will surely be in problem while choosing a company.

But in internet there are also some websites to facilitate your research for choosing a hosting company. One of them is 4 Cheap Web Hosting. It’s a hosting classified website. In this site, you can search hosting companies within your budget. You can choose your monthly budget, space required and platform. In advance search (power search here) you can set extensive criterions.  Then it will show a list matching packages against your given criterions. You can compare the packages and companies from the list.

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Zen Cart Book Review

Zen Cart Book

Zen Cart Book

Zen Cart is a world class fully blown e-commerce engine to make you e-store. Unlike it rivals, you can sell both physical goods and electronics goods (like ebook, softwares) using this (without adding mods).

To learn such a extensive software quickly, its always good idea to read structured manuals. Unstructured manuals may serve the same purpose, but will kill more time and you will miss the sequences of discussions.

To learn how to make you own e-shop using Zen Cart, the best is it’s first book Zen Cart: E-commerce Application Development authored by Suhreed Sarkar published from Packt Publication. Continue reading →

Job forum!

I am member of many forums, groups and mailing lists. But among them all, I think Alljobsbd’s job forum is a different. Most probably it is country’s first job oriented forum. The main area of discussions are career, job, job announcements, job requirements, scholarships, job experiences etc.

I thank the team for a nice initiatives and I expect that very soon it will cross the border of nation and become internationally recognized and will keep a great contribution to the job seekers and job providers.

No look back to

Long ago I have written a review about My today’s review is almost reverse of previous one. Click here to see my first review about

My that review should go his museum now. Last month I again have bought a VPS from Their service and support was just rubbish. As I claimed in first review that their network speed is not good, it is worse now. I could not get it solved by even several mails. Moreover revealed their stupid customer service.

In previous review, I also told about their slow customer support. Most probably their averag response time is now reduced with some stupid answers like ‘our admin will check the issue and let you know’.

When I complained this issue in WHT, another user confirmed the same problems.

So I through out from my favorites list. If you are thinking of buying from them, think more before you smile seeing good reviews about them. Check the timestamps of those reviews.

A person’s a person, no matter how small

Horton Hears a Who!

Horton Hears a Who!

Yes, I learned this from movie I have enjoyed a few days ago. The name of the movie is Horton Hears a Who! which is the first animated movie I ever enjoyed so much. The plot of the movie is very nice for the juniors.

The plot:
Hoton (an elephant), nature’s teacher of Nool Jungle, hears tiny yelp from a speck floating past him. In fact, the speck is the world of tiny persons whose lives are in danger as the speck lost its safe place. Horton, realized it and promised to put it in a safe place. But Nool’s self declared leader (A kangaroo) did not believe Horton and she warned Horton not to poison the minds of the animals. She also ordered Horton to drop the speck. But Horton puts his life in danger to save the speck as he believed “A person’s a person, no matter how small”. Finally, after lots of struggle, he could do it.

This lesson is very much essential for the juniors. They will learn how to love and respect even the microscopic creatures. The sound and animation was awesome. Overall, I liked the movie much. I become fan of animated movie after seeing this. Wish to enjoy animated movie occasionally.

Click here to know more about this movie.