Facebook Developer Garage Dhaka

Yesterday, I have participated in an event titled ‘Facebook Developer Garage Dhaka’ which was organized by Infra Blue Technology and powered by Intel. That was an awesome event. About six speakers presented their speech on various topics related to facebook development. The presentations include ‘Introduction to Facebook Platform’, ‘Facebook Connect – experience on iphone’, ‘Facebook Open Stream API’, ‘Building scalable application in facebook platform’, ‘Monetizing facebook application’.

Building scalable facebook application and monetizing facebook application captured most attentions of the audience. I have enjoyed the session very much.

Thanks the organizer for such a wonderful session and for the gift pack and the delicious dinnar ;).

OpenLD is going to live again

Finally I have decided to maintain OpenLD script. You already know OpenLD is a very lightweight link directory script. It is highly extensible without hard coding. You can make extensions to utilize its hooking system. There are many hooks in every steps of all files where you may push some piece of code by your extension.

I love this script. But I have seen that it is not maintained for a quite long time. I don’t know what happened to the original developer Anders Persson. As I don’t want this great work to die, I am going to maintain it. I am doing the home works before I start and will update shortly.

PunBB Twitter – Twitter Updater for PunBB Forum

This morning I got this idea to make an extension for PunBB forum engine that will update twitter status upon new posts and other activities. Few hours back I have completed it.  It may need many many improvements. But yep, its ready for testing.

Current Version: 0.8

Current features:

  1. Configurable account
  2. Update on creation of new topic
  3. Update on reply on topic
  4. Update on new registration (future)
  5. Control update types (v0.5)
  6. URL shortening using to.ly (v.06)
  7. Skip forums. Updates not posted in twitter when posted on those forums.

Do you have any other update idea? please share me. I will add that too.

Click here to see a demo!

Download here. Feedback is appreciated.

Special thanks to Lee Findlow. I have used his class for updating posting message in twitter.

What the hell is happening with Akismet spam filter?

From two days I got more than 50 spam comments in my blog that is not automatically marked as spam by Akismet. But when I check the comments and click ‘Check for spam’ it is then identifying them as spam. I don’t know why it don’t work automatically as it was doing earlier.

I tried reinstalling but with no luck. Anyone has any idea regarding this or faced same issue?

Layout “unijoy” not found – Got this Joomla problem finally fixed

I was suffering from this problem from long time. Just few minutes ago I got the real and effective solution for it. The main solution remains here and here. Recently also came to know that problem remains in Firefox and Flock. It was working fine on IE and Safari. So solution only needs for Firefox and variants.

The solution is simple. Somehow a cookie is created named ‘layout’ and with value ‘unijoy’. You just need to detele it.


PunBB 1.3x Extension…. Convert numbers to Bangla (Bengali) on the fly!

Just now I have completed the first version of bangla_numbers extension for PunBB 1.3.x. When enabled, this function will converts numbers used in PunBB to Bangla. It will specially converts numbers of posts, topics, replies, members etc.


Upload the unzipped files to extensions directory of PunBB and install the extension from Admin panel’s Extension tab. You’re done!

Download 1.1.1

PunBB 1.3 Extension – Post Editing Period – Control how long a post can be edited

Today I have developed a simple PunBB Extension for Projanmo Forum that allows administrators to control until how long a post can be edited. Such control is necessary as often members removes the post whimsically making replies irrelevant.

If you install this plugin, it will stop from such happening. From admin panel’s Settings -> Features section you can mention how many minutes are allowed to edit a post within. After such duration the post will not be editable.

Click here to download

WordPress Plugin :: Adult Post Marker

Hey! Here is my another wordpress plugin. Using this plugin, you can mention a post as inappropriate for non-adult and ask viewer his/her before showing the content to him. If age given age is below your Minimum Age requirement (configurable from settings page), then the viewer can’t see the content.

Moreover, a cookie is set so that persistent tries also restrict from seeing the content. Allmost everything of the plugin can be reconfigured from plugin configuration page.

This plugin is tested with WordPress 2.6.2 and 2.7


Feedback is appreciated.

PunBB and OpenInviter

Recently I have worked with OpenInviter to work with PunBB. OpenInviter already has a plugin (mod) that enables it to work with PunBB. But Idid some more works that will enable PunBB forum admins to tracks how many users have been invited, which users has invited, when invited, when the invited friends visited the site and when they registered (if they did). So, it will be easier for the admins to manage invitations. Admins can even award the top referrals.

But this script or OpenInviter do not store the importer’s (user’s) email login details. So you can use it safely.

When someone visits the site upon getting invitations from forum user, a cookie is set in his computer so that he can be tracked if in future (untils 6month s or deleted) he directly visits the site.

I have worked with PunBB 1.2.x. But I don’t have any plan to release this script for 1.2x because manual source hacking, which I dislike. I wish to release as an extension for PunBB 1.3.x. But if someone extreamly need this modifcation, please let me know. I will try to deliver to you.