My experience with phpXperts seminar 2010

phpXperts Seminar 2010, is my third program with phpXperts. Other than phpXperts programs, I have also joined in other programs like Facebook Developer Garage, SQABD Lightning Talks etc. However, this one is exceptional to me as I was one of the speakers in this session.

My initial gratitude goes to Hasin Hayder, who tried hard for first speakers like me. He even advised me about my topic “HTML5 – Web is getting sexy”! Continue reading →

Yahoo! BrowserPlus™

At Last May Yahoo released a new technology titled as BrowserPlus™. According to yahoo, BrowserPlus™ will enable developers to develop desktop capable application on browser.

Most exciting is the release of BrowserPlus, a software and software distribution framework that allows device developers (desktop, mobile, etc.) to seamlessly bridge the browser programming environment (DHTML, JS) to any component they can dream up (VoIP, image manipulation, data caching, etc.).

It will be great blessing for developers. Currently there is very limited scope of integration between desktop and browser. If BrowserPlus™ really provides the claimed power.

Click here for more information is available.

Splashtop — Instant Internet


Today, I have learned about a new technology. Its Splashtop. Following a link from Projanmo Forum, I have visited Its an awesome system.

If Splashtop is built in your mother board, you can access instantly after clicking the power button. You need not to wait 1-3 minutes, to start up your operating system. Using Splashtop, you can instantly browse website using Firefox or even you can call using Skype without waiting for your OS to be ready.

To know details visit Asus will now ship motherboards with Splashtop built in. Details Here. Continue reading →

Introducing Forum Hosting

After working for more than 7 days, I successfully introduced Bangla Forum Hosting Service where everything is in Bangla (Bengali). The user interface, input methods are in Bangla. There are two typing methods e.g. Unijoy and Phonetic. Both system is developed by Hasin Hayder.

Oh, feeling bore to type anymore. Please take a look for details.


6 minutes plz…

I have to refresh my OS periodically usually each month or two. It took much bothering. OS installation would take about 30 minutes. Then I have to install other softwares which took at least 2 hours and many restarts.

The software I have to install usually:

  1. OS Itself Continue reading →

Google Apps

Google Apps for Your Domain (GAYD)

Google introduced a fantastic service for the website owners. From now nobody will have to worry about the space for his/her mail accounts and have not to buy huge space for many email accounts.

Using GAYD any domain owner can host their mail servers with google for free of cost (during beta period).

 Anyway, configuring the domain for this service is not easy for newbie but not too hard who is familiar with these services. Continue reading →