PHP Application Development with NetBeans

I’m huge fan of NetBeans IDE for PHP based application development. Though I’m fully comfortable writing codes in text editors developed in mediavel ages :p, I’ve seen how IDEs like NetBeans let you concern about your application problem only while they take care of project management, code refactoring, syntax highlighting, versioning, code completion and any other features.

However, we can get most out of IDE (and anything) if we knew its usages very well. NetBeans were missing such manuals until recently a guide is written by PHP developer M A Hossain Tonu. The title of the book is PHP Application Development with NetBeans which is published by Packt Publishing, U.K.

The aim of the book looks like simple. It will guide anyone how to get most (if not all) from NetBeans for PHP application developments.

Chapter 1 explains how to get your things prepared (installing NetBeans and PHP stack) for your journey with this book. Chapter 2 starts the actions. It shows you the basic usages of NetBeans. Do not get biased by the term ‘basic’. IDE’s basic techniques will definitely boost your everyday coding experience if you learn using them effectively. This is what you will learn from this chapter.

In next chapter, Chapter 3, will show see real life example of application building with NetBeans. In addition to status building app, however, it covers something important like JSON, introduces to Ajax, PDO etc. which are surely helpful for PHP beginners. You will learn debugging & testing your (un)pretty codes in Chapter 4.

I’m advocate of code documentation. I tend to tell “why the hell i’ve done this?” seeing even my codes! So documentation is a must for me. In 5th chapter, you will learn how to document your codes, use external html document generator and how NetBeans can help you by laying carpet to the way you gonna walk :).

I remember I hated Netbeans as it had poor Git support (probably before v7.0). However, it now improved a lot. While using Git is fun in command line, you will find it very helpful when you can use it from your IDE. In chapter 6, you will learn how can you use Git from inside NetBeans.

In 7th chapter, you will probably learn advanced PHP using the techniques you’ve learned so far :). Before finishing the book, you also learn about Symfony2 and its support in NetBeans 7.2. Upon completion of reading that appendix, you will be able to write symfony2 codes at rocket speed by using NetBeans native support for it.

Overall, this book will help you greatly if you are new (probably even for intermediate developers) in PHP. You will learn many advanced PHP techniques and tips and tricks for using NetBeans IDE for writing codes faster, inspecting, refactoring, syntax highlighting, debugging etc. Though the line, whether the book is PHP Tutorial or NetBeans tutorial can’t be drawn clearly, I think beginners will not loose buying this book.