KnockoutJS Starter

KnockoutJS Starter

I received the paperback of KnockoutJS Starter book on 28th  December, 2012 though I’ve already completed many pages reading its PDF version. I could not publish my review as I was little busy with our Ruby Conference in Bangladesh.

KnockoutJS Starter is written by Eric M. Barnard and is published by Packt Publishing. This is a very short book which can be completed reading within a week or two.

This book illustrated making a small application using KnockoutJS which will tour you to the KnockoutJS features like model, view model, observable, array observable, computed observables etc. So, you will get a very good idea about the power of KnockoutJS along with learning how to use them.

KnockoutJS is also  popular for its extensibility.  In its last part, this mini book also covered the API information for extending the capabilities of KnockoutJS with made this book really worthy.

So, if you in hurry to get good overview of KnockoutJS, follow this book. Visit the official page for more information.