Instant Node.js Starter Review

Instant Node.js Starter

Node.js is a current hype, obviously with valid reasons. Though several times I’ve planned to learn it, I could not manage it. It’s mostly for being extremely busy at home & work and unable to manage time to read big books/manuals. However, I just had a quick look into Node.js when I’ve found a book titled Instant Node.js Starter authored by Pedro Teixeira published by Packt Publishing. This is a part of Packt’s Instant series.

Packt’s Instant series are published for people who struggles with time for reading. These books are very short, fast and jump directly in action.

Node.js Starter book is also same kind. It quickly introduces to Node.js and it’s powers. Purposely, there is no introduction to javascript and/or any explanation on JS Syntaxes. So you must be comfortable with javascript before you start reading this book. The book mostly discussed about the Non-Blocking I/O, one of the strongest features of Node.js. However, each section comes with good and easy examples along with explanations. So, it helps understanding how Node.js works.

If you are in short of time and interested in getting some idea about Node.js and how it works, this book is a blessing as you can complete it within a few hours. Consider this book as your gateway to Node.js world; you’ve still long way to go. At the end of the book, the author named a number of resources to follow.