AJAX and PHP, upgrades your sense

Ajax-php bookThis book, AJAX and PHP::Building Responsive Web Application, is one of the best book I have as it discussed the technology not only in theoretically but also with all real life example. The real life examples of this book were very attractive as the authors have shown how to make Chat Client, Google like Suggest & Autocomplete, Form Validation, Drag & Drop, RSS Feeder, Grid, Ajax based Charting etc. The book did not always treat readers as experts. So discussed many elementary things of technologies (like Javascript, XML, DOM) involved in AJAX. Another great thing, some examples’ work flow are shown in Flowchart which will enhance readers’ experience. The most helpful thing is that all codes are very very well commented. So, if anyone having basic idea on these techs can read this book.

Moreover, the appendix discussed how to prepare your environment to work with this technologies. The book also discussed (as in title), from very beginning, with server side scripting PHP including MySQL. The in-chapter error handling discussion will show you light in darkness that is what to do when error occurs with the scripts. So, you surely will be able to develop AJAX driven website as soon as you completed the book…..Good luck AJAX and PHP

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